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GCB Ride

GCB ride! Ryan's first ride.  No big deal.
GCB ride! Ryan’s first ride. No big deal.
A major part of my weight loss plan this year has been drinking beer.  Yep.  Beer.  Beer has helped me lose weight.  How??  With a 26 mile round trip ride from my house to Golden City Brewery.  I have great friends that go on this ride with me on a regular basis!
Seriously though, I have been biking a lot more, and am now down to 222 – 1 pound away from the 40lb mark!!!!  It hasn’t been a dramatic or life changing story.  There wasn’t anything except a little confidence and a lot of boredom that led to me riding my bike more, and swimming a little bit while I was on my last clinical rotation.  Once I started SEEING and FEELING the weight loss (ease of sleeping, pants sizes dropping, pretty girls smiling at me, etc…) I became more motivated, rode a little more, and then started eating a little less.  Baby Steps.   It felt like the first 20 pounds came off over night.  It came off so fast I was actually worried it was a little unhealthy.  Once I got under 240 it started slowing down – being back in class might have changed the trajectory, as well.  Still, my weight is trending downward.
261 lbs on Memorial Day 2011.
Goal: 215 by Halloween.

Today on the scale: 229

I stepped on the scale on Memorial Day at 261.  I was in Hastings Nebraska on a clinical rotation which left my afternoons (from 2PM and later) completely open.  I dropped from 261 to 229 by eating a little less, and a  little healthier, and being active a lot more.  It started with walking (a mile) to the gym to swim.  Then I dusted off the road bike.  Biking 2 – 3 days/wk, swimming 2x weekly (sometimes the same day as biking), and walking back and forth to groceries, the gym, and the hospital.  None of it was dramatic – except maybe the biking.  But I love riding my bicycle.  It was an easy change to make.

My goal, from here on out, is to continue exercising into my final semester going into my last two clinical rotations.   The first 35 pounds came off very quickly once I got interested, but I know that my happy routine will be challenged with school, moving, and new clinical experiences.  My goal, by May 2012, is to be under 210 lbs.  GET ‘ER DONE!