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In the near future…

A couple of years ago I totaled my 97 cadillac deville on the back end of a surburban sliding down a hill.  I bought a second ruined car, parted it out, and used parts/money from that to franken-car my deville back together.  The post showing a couple random pictures of taking the engine out is my all time highest viewed blog entry.  You can find it here:

Fast forward several years.  Things I’ve learned to do on my car (in no order):

  • General maintenance/service:
    • Replace the brakes.
    • fuel filter
    • spark plugs, wires
    • air filter
    • oil change
    • anti-freeze change
    • rotate tires
    • serpentine belt replacement
  • Take apart and clean out the EGR valve
  • Replace fuel pressure regulator
  • Service brakes/rotors
  • remove fuel injectors/fuel rail
  • recharge A/C
  • remove/install coolant tank
  • remove/install AC Compressor
  • clean mass airflow sensor. 
  • remove/install water pump
  • remove/install radiator
  • remove/install alternator (ugh)
  • remove/install wind-shield wiper assembly
  • remove/install belt tensioner for serpentine belt
  • remove install belt tensioner & pulley system for water pump (other side of engine!)
  • remove/install manifold intake, service gaskets.
  • remove/install starter (under the manifold)
  • remove/install Blower Motor
  • replace serpentine belt with shorter belt to run car without broken AC compressor
I become more deadly with a ratchet and screwdriver every time something breaks on my car.  I still have a couple projects to do: 
  • remove/install rear suspension, replace with passive system
  • remove/install front bushings
  • there is a problem with the oxygen sensors to fix related to codes PCM p0171, p0151, p0154, p0174. 
  • HEADGASKET!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!    Looks like I’ll be removing the engine again.  Maybe.  So far, it runs without overheating. 
Undiagnosed as of yet: 
  • Rough/long start when engine is cold. When taken up to running temp, and then allowed to sit for 40 minutes to an hour and a half with the engine off after being at running themperature, the car doesn’t turn back on!!!!!!!!!! WTF?
So, if you’re int he Cody, WY area, and feel like helping me pull a cadillac engine, let me know.  Alternatively, if you want to buy an engine, let me know.

97 Cadillac Deville Alternator Removal

What goes in, must come out…

I took the alternator out of my cadillac deville myself. I don’t hate myself and I wasn’t looking for a challenge. I was just broke. The instructions are as follows:

Negative battery cable
Serpentine belt.
Upper front bolt. 
Raise vehicle.
Front engine splash shield.
graphicRadiator support access panel.
Loosen rear generator bracket from engine.
Remove top bolt.
Front lower bolt.
Lower rear bolt.
Upper rear bolt.
Duct from back of generator.
Electrical connections.
Battery output,
Heated windshield (if equipped).
Front generator/ A/C bracket.
Rotate generator and remove.

Rotate the generator and remove.  

Rotate the generator and remove.  

Okay.  Sure.  Rotate and… rotate and… wtf?!  So I toyed with it, and decided to make a video for posterity.  This is the alternator of a 1997 Cadillac Deville coming out of the bottom of the car.  No radiator removal required.  I apologize in advance for the swearing.
A few days later, my AC compressor clutch seized up.  Luckily, I had purchased the wrong length serpentine belt (when replacing the radiator) – which was just long enough to go through the engine without including the AC compressor.   Who’s got 2 thumbs and not getting stuck in Midland, Tx?  This guy.