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Buried Treasure!


I purchased a trailer literally FULL of someone else’s garbage.  It had every kind of fun imaginable!  Fences, light bulbs, mirrors, lumber, hornets.  Hornets?   Yeah.   5 nests.  Bunch of jerks.



Hornets and garbage removed, it was time to tear down and rebuild this trailer into something functional and build-worthy for future endeavors.   I was able to sell $80 worth of someone else’s trash into my own green treasure.  Better still, I have about $150 worth of usable lumbar salvaged (including 2×2’s, 2×4’s, and sheets of plywood) to go toward construction! SCORE!




Annndddd GONE!  Sanded the entire trailer down to the iron (as best as I had patience to do).  Removed the axles to flip them to the other side of the springs to increase clearance (maybe?).


Rust Finish

I found a polish/primer that will bind with the remaining rust, spray on clear, and turn black over night to leave behind a smooth primer.  I am considering coating the whole thing with bed-liner for further protection from the elements.  This thing is 39 years old!!!!

Stay tuned…

It starts with a tear…

13 - 1

And some hornets.  Several.  3/4 corners of the inside have nests!  This project is going to be a massive undertaking and departure from my typical projects, which in the past have ranged from DIY mouse traps to wine-bottle lanterns.  No, friends… This is a whole new monster with a new set of challenges and tools required!


For a running total of the cost, keep your eyes on the bottom right hand corner of the homepage, and stay tuned as I update progress!

Note to self (again)…

Rule #1: Keep Your Mouth Shut
Rule #2: You Reap What You Sow
Rule #3: No One Can Help Your or Be Helped By You if You Won’t Help Yourself
Rule #4: You Do Not Know Everything
Rule #5: Pull When Possible
Rule #6: First Seek to Understand, Then to Be Understood
Rule #7: Do The Job, And Do It Well

In the near future…

A couple of years ago I totaled my 97 cadillac deville on the back end of a surburban sliding down a hill.  I bought a second ruined car, parted it out, and used parts/money from that to franken-car my deville back together.  The post showing a couple random pictures of taking the engine out is my all time highest viewed blog entry.  You can find it here:

Fast forward several years.  Things I’ve learned to do on my car (in no order):

  • General maintenance/service:
    • Replace the brakes.
    • fuel filter
    • spark plugs, wires
    • air filter
    • oil change
    • anti-freeze change
    • rotate tires
    • serpentine belt replacement
  • Take apart and clean out the EGR valve
  • Replace fuel pressure regulator
  • Service brakes/rotors
  • remove fuel injectors/fuel rail
  • recharge A/C
  • remove/install coolant tank
  • remove/install AC Compressor
  • clean mass airflow sensor. 
  • remove/install water pump
  • remove/install radiator
  • remove/install alternator (ugh)
  • remove/install wind-shield wiper assembly
  • remove/install belt tensioner for serpentine belt
  • remove install belt tensioner & pulley system for water pump (other side of engine!)
  • remove/install manifold intake, service gaskets.
  • remove/install starter (under the manifold)
  • remove/install Blower Motor
  • replace serpentine belt with shorter belt to run car without broken AC compressor
I become more deadly with a ratchet and screwdriver every time something breaks on my car.  I still have a couple projects to do: 
  • remove/install rear suspension, replace with passive system
  • remove/install front bushings
  • there is a problem with the oxygen sensors to fix related to codes PCM p0171, p0151, p0154, p0174. 
  • HEADGASKET!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!    Looks like I’ll be removing the engine again.  Maybe.  So far, it runs without overheating. 
Undiagnosed as of yet: 
  • Rough/long start when engine is cold. When taken up to running temp, and then allowed to sit for 40 minutes to an hour and a half with the engine off after being at running themperature, the car doesn’t turn back on!!!!!!!!!! WTF?
So, if you’re int he Cody, WY area, and feel like helping me pull a cadillac engine, let me know.  Alternatively, if you want to buy an engine, let me know.

Extending Marketable Skills!

Baby steps.  I’ve already identified 3 or 4 resources now for coding my goal project.  A thanks to Paul Burton for showing off his code for using the android BT to connect to a L2CAP connection (wii hardware – think balance board).  The purpose, or goal of all of this, for me, is to learn to code and build OPEN SOURCE tools clinicians an use, and involve more CLINICIANS in the building process.   I’m learning.  And will blog about my learning, and share resources as much as I can.  Would love to find more, or involve more people.

This is going to be awesome.

3 weeks ago: Javascript (for posterity).  Then PAXScript (to modify EMR at the clinic where I work), and now I’m playing in Android!  By far the best learning resources I have found for all of these have been and  Both supply learning tutorials for different programming tricks and have helped me learn exactly what an API is!  Very cool stuff.  Without further adieu, I present to you my bean counter! 

You can install this to your very own android phone by tapping here in your mobile browser. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but you can if you’re curious.  I isn’t harmful.  Will put an APK on your devices, run and install from there.
About my app:  I made a logo from some wrinkled paper, and old school project, and GIMP editor. I’m coding everything from the ground up using an application called Eclipse.  Immediately below is a short example of one of the manifest for my application called Bean Counter.   
At start up, there is a 5 second splash screen and a Hal9000 clip “Everything is going very well here.”  So awesome.  After that it goes into a main app menu where you can select lots of options.  Right now there is only MainActivity (I’m working on thinking of a better name).  Selection takes you into a counter. counter++, counter–.  Simple right?  Sure it is.