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With great height…

With great height comes great responsibility.  So much for spaghetti squash.
With great height comes great responsibility. Mable’s tall enough to reach the spaghetti squash off my counter.

Seth’s Blog

Brilliant and poignant commentary on balance, work life, and innovation. Really digging Seth’s blog.

When we lost…

When did we lose Congress? This is a fantastic blog post about Congress and leadership.

Accuracy of a Paradigm

The importance of am accurate paradigm. “Truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion.” – Francis Bacon

No, I’m NOT Reading Journal Articles on My Last Academic Xmas Break. . .

We don’t necessarily need new evidence to support abandoning outdated standards. There is a need for more reflective practicing clinicians who don’t accept the notion of having”arrived” in their clinical expertise. ONGOING and purposeful reflection of skills and outcomes is why I choose a DPT. I think the abstract hints at this. I’m adding the rest of the scooter to my kindle reading list.