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A Glorious Return

I’m back.  I never really went anywhere.  But I’ve been up to a great many things.  I’ve traveled as a physical therapist and worked in Oregon, Wyoming, and now Missouri at an army hospital.  Having the time of my life.  So far, my goal is to update things a little more frequently – discuss in depth my attempt to restore a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado, train my dogs to catch carrots, construct an objective and time efficient (as far as billing goes) objective slow motion gait analysis, and finally show off the tear-drop trailer.  All these things and more.  Stay tuned.

So Mable…



I feel mostly like an irresponsible dog-parent. But it happened. Ben knocked up Mable. Ultrasound confirmed. Mable is getting an x-ray next week to see how many. My baby is growing up!

I think it was Ben. It might have been a Basset Hound. Or my mom’s Labradoodle.



Fun loving gal.  Keeping an eye on it.  We’ll keep you posted.


Hardest part of DIY







The hardest part of building things and drinking at the same time is gluing my hands together.  Creative license…

So, rather than step through all this crap, I’ve decided to just post a large collection of pictures for you to look at.  Comment, ask questions.  I’d be happy to answer.  I’m into the whole project at about $1800 right now.  The inside still needs to be finished, but I had to waterproof it before bad weather set in.  More pictures to come!  You can see from some of the pictures that I went back and forth on how it should look (like the diamond plate).

2013-08-18 13.36.09 2013-08-18 13.36.29 2013-08-18 15.34.50 2013-08-18 19.48.32 2013-08-18 19.49.06 2013-08-24 20.15.29 2013-09-11 18.49.25 2013-09-18 21.52.29 2013-09-18 21.52.38 2013-09-18 21.52.59 2013-09-18 21.53.15 2013-09-21 10.10.17 2013-09-21 12.03.59 2013-09-21 12.04.07 2013-09-21 12.19.03 2013-09-21 12.19.10 2013-09-28 17.17.58 2013-12-21 13.04.27-1 20131007_100349 20131009_162941 20131009_174010 20131015_162212 20131016_120842 20131016_164042 20131016_184829 20131019_152245 20131021_151849 20131030_174418 20131031_152745 20131102_143619 20131106_094717

My baby!  I must still find a name it.  And finish the hatch.  Including figuring out a way to latch it.





In Texas watching a guy play an electric tuba.  Sweet!
In Texas watching a guy play an electric tuba. Sweet!

Denver + Sweater Vest – 45 Lbs = Awesome.

My first sweater vest! New chapter in my life? It’s coming!  Stay tuned for my self indulgent blog post about how I lost 50 lbs as soon as I lose the last 5.  Happy New Year!
My first sweater vest! New chapter in my life? It's coming!