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Cyberchondriac! Fun thpughts about chronic pain and neuropathic pain. pain physicaltherapy

The point is to participate!

Great post on social networking and HC: One point I’d like to make: We’ll talk about you whether you participate or not. JoinOrGetLeftBehind physicaltherapists academia

No, I’m NOT Reading Journal Articles on My Last Academic Xmas Break. . .

We don’t necessarily need new evidence to support abandoning outdated standards. There is a need for more reflective practicing clinicians who don’t accept the notion of having”arrived” in their clinical expertise. ONGOING and purposeful reflection of skills and outcomes is why I choose a DPT. I think the abstract hints at this. I’m adding the rest of the scooter to my kindle reading list.

Worksite Ergonomics

Seeing a lot of patients on CE III who could avoid a lot of pain by making minor changes to working conditions. Pay attention to ergonomics.  MOVE as much as you can to take breaks.  See a physical therapist!


LBP and Muscle Sequencing

My first wordcloud!  Research we are presenting (poster) at CSM.  I cannot wait to put this image in a PPT for research night on campus!!!