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Readings and Musings 8/6/12

Who’s driving this thing?!

I get most of my news from twitter and google reader.  I LOVE taking in information from all over and trying to synthesize it into one coherent thought.  I’ve decided to start gathering these readings, tweeters, and resources on a more regular basis and share with you the things I thought were interesting.  Many will have to do with physical therapy.  Some will definitely not!  You’ve been warned.  Without further adieu, my first ever “Readings and Musings.”   Love to hear your thoughts (if I haven’t already).

Appledorn et al. 2012. A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of a Classification-Based System for Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain  Current treatment based classification schemes do not improve outcomes in patients with subacute or chronic low back pain.

An Essay for Physical Therapists: Lets Move Forward…  An inspiration to move forward, and some issues that are very relevent to physical therapy right now.  There are some great discussion points about manual therapy, and the abuse of modalities.  Comments at the end of the article are worth reading too!

Mannion 2001.  Increase in strength after active therapy in chronic low back pain (CLBP) patients: muscular adaptations and clinical relevance.  Three treatment groups, 1 outcome.  Strength changes through training for chronic low back pain did not appear improve outcomes.

One Word that Defines a Great Brand  Jeff Haden from interviews Julia Allison about personal branding.  The interview and picture Julia paints of “personal branding” is organic.  You sell WHO you are, not just what you do.  It’s about representing yourself through your values and connecting with clients.  As physical therapists, we seldom ask a patient “may I help you?”  We ask about their kids, grand kids, their dogs, grades at school, favorite sports teams, or the last book they read.  This article couldn’t be more relevant to PT. 
Natural Cures?  “What medications are you taking?”  “I don’t take any medications.”  We might consider asking about supplements in addition, as I suspect (and I don’t have a lot of evidence for this that isn’t anecdotal, sorry) many patients don’t consider the gingko they are taking to help their memory might also impact their balance (dizziness is a known side effect).  AMA strategies for health literacy.
Build Systems Not Overhead  Rhetorical talk about reducing overhead while improving quality.  Just some food for thought, I guess.
The Right Tools for Negotiating Your Salary – Part One: Your Value.   Part of a 3 part (so far?) blog roll about how to negotiate salaries if you’re a new PT.  Interesting stat of the evening: this year, 12,738 new PT/PTAs will hit the streets looking for jobs. And we alllll want MONEY MONEY MONEY!  
Homework for the week:  Confirmation Bias and Hindsight Bias
People to follow:   @JayS_Tan, @MerylKevans, @Jerry_DurhamPT (unless you’re a Giants fan). 


We are officially being published in Clinical Biomechanics for our graduate research.  This is great news!  Adding it to my CV.

Article title: Altered Muscle Recruitment During Extension from Trunk Flexion in Low Back Pain Developers
Reference: *********
Journal title: Clinical Biomechanics
Corresponding author: Dr. Erika Nelson-Wong
First author: Dr. Erika Nelson-Wong

Dear Dr. Nelson-Wong,

Please find attached a copy of the “Journal Publishing Agreement” which you completed online on 25-JUL-2012.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. To help us assist you, please quote our reference ******** in all correspondence.

We are committed to publishing your article as quickly as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Elsevier Author Support

Inter-professional pissing contest.

First and last time I’ll ever engage in this conversation (I hope).

My friend @RGWooderson, sent me a link to a post by a physical therapist who has been in the profession a long time, and done a lot of cool stuff. You can read his CV on his website. He has been the CRO: Chief Revolutionary Officer since 2011 for a company he started – The Smart Life Project. Thank you Allen, for your insight into damned future of our profession. But who are you mad at? All I did was start applying to PT schools in 2008/2009.

You can read his post here: Was the DPT The Right Direction?

Here’s the problem I have with it, more than anything. We’re, as a profession, trying to elevate ourselves in the public’s eyes and through legislation. Blog posts like his only hurt our profession. While he is spending an evening trying to start an interprofessional pissing contest (which I’m sure won’t interest people in his “institute”), others among us will be working together to move forward.

Thomas Kuhn wrote a great book int he 60’s and coined the term paradigm shift, discussing the history of science and how exactly competing ideologies came about, and came to die in the face of new world views. He quoted Max Plank (long story) in the book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, saying “a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

The conversation over the presence of DPT in the profession ended a while ago (whenever, I don’t know). Taking time away to engage people who have already made up their mind about a topic isn’t going to do anything but stir the professional pot, if you will. He’s an old guy. He’s treated 10,000 patients! He, and the rest like him, will be out of the profession and dead before I can even afford to retire.

Have a great week.


After Thoughts…

This is a wordcloud that says more than I could about graduating from PT school.  I stole borrowed all of the facebook and twitter “congrats!” posts floating around the sidewebs and put them together for your viewing pleasure.

El mejor dia de me vida!

Those of you following me here may or may not know that I’ve graduated!  As of May 6th 2012 you may call me Denver Lancaster, Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Licensure exam scheduled for July 31st.

I thought about taking this time to reflect on 33 months of balls-out academic struggle and tom foolery.  Instead, I think I might just close the book on this one, and show off some fun pictures.

There was a party after graduation at Red Rocks!  It didn’t hit me until I was leaving…  I spent more than a full time job’s worth of hours every single week for 33 months with all of my classmates.  Got to know families, significant others.  Made a lot of friends.  Wasn’t thinking, right at that moment, that I will never  be in the same place with all of them again.  Bitter-sweet. :)  Maybe it still hasn’t hit me.  It was a good send off!  Parents got to meet friends, faculty.  I ate myself sick.
Red Rocks is an amazing place.  I will have to make a point of going down there more frequently after I start working and making money.

I’d like to send out a great big generic thank you to everyone who helped me through this – especially family, and good friends (new and old), the counseling center, and modern pharmaceuticals. Thank you.