This is me.

Buried Treasure!

I purchased a trailer literally FULL of someone else’s garbage.  It had every kind of fun imaginable!  Fences, light bulbs, mirrors, lumber, hornets.  Hornets?   Yeah.   5 nests.  Bunch of jerks.



Hornets and garbage removed, it was time to tear down and rebuild this trailer into something functional and build-worthy for future endeavors.   I was able to sell $80 worth of someone else’s trash into my own green treasure.  Better still, I have about $150 worth of usable lumbar salvaged (including 2×2’s, 2×4’s, and sheets of plywood) to go toward construction! SCORE!




Annndddd GONE!  Sanded the entire trailer down to the iron (as best as I had patience to do).  Removed the axles to flip them to the other side of the springs to increase clearance (maybe?).


Rust Finish

I found a polish/primer that will bind with the remaining rust, spray on clear, and turn black over night to leave behind a smooth primer.  I am considering coating the whole thing with bed-liner for further protection from the elements.  This thing is 39 years old!!!!

Stay tuned…


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